Protect your hair and skin from the harsh elements

you're in every day.

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Betty Butter

for hair, face and body
before & after surf

Exceptionally healthy and functional butter

made with minimal ingredients

return your empty jar and enjoy 20% off your next refill

RAW     |     VEGAN     |     UNREFINED 


FREE of parabins, toxins, synthetic preservatives and emulsifiers

girl surfing at the beach

“I use Betty Butter after every surf. Hair, face and body! It helps me comb through my salty locks and is super moisturizing without being greasy.”

a couple laughing on the beach

“I am a male surfer and this is a must when I get out of the water. What I like best about this product is it moisturizes really well without leaving you greasy and sweaty!”



  No chemical or high heat processes to dilute, bleach or remove the natural scent of our organic butters and that also means their beneficial bio-active nutrients are not stripped out.



The botanical oils we select for our products are always organic and sustainably sourced.  Like our butters, our oils retain their natural proteins, fats, vitamins and antioxidants because they're not processed using high heat.



Betty Butter uses only Rice Bran Wax which has policosanols, phospholipids, physterols and squalene (crazy good stuff for your skin).  No bees required so they can go about their pollinating business.


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We are confident you'll be so stoked on our butter but if you are not 100% satisfied return it at any time.  We will replace it or refund your purchase price - whatever works best for you.